District 13, Medellin

During 2011, in Medellín were murdered more than 1,600 people in the middle of an urban war for control of the local drug traffic.

The suburbs of Medellín / Colombia, are turning into dangerous passages in which the illicit trade of drugs and weapons has gripped the community.

Medellin’s Comuna 13 is a stronghold of criminals, based on the sale of drugs, extortion and also killers.

From rooftops, criminals monitor “Comuna 13”. The daily life of the assassins is as dangerous as a soporific. They spend most of their time making rounds through their territory to keep out other gangs, or sheltered in safe houses.

Comuna 13 in Medellín has become in recent years the territory of constant clashes between gangs. The boys begin to handle weapons soon after the age of 10. When they enter adolescence many already are gunmen accomplished and committed several murders.

Progress options are minimal, they can not leave their neighborhoods, separated by city limits known as «invisible borders»: if you cross, you’re in enemy territory and you playing life.

Usually victims of gang warfare are residents of the neighborhood who are immersed in the same conflict, but also police and soldiers have become targets.